10 morning habits geniuses follow every day!

Habits are said to be an automatic mode in which the person is involved in certain activities without been known and thus made that person used through of it. Habits can be good or bad depending upon the choice of the person and thus the habits must be contrived wisely so that the person need not suffer due to any chosen habit.

It has been perceiving that geniuses have superior habits and thus are also followed by many individuals as they see geniuses as their asset and thus behave likely as them which can prove to have a positive role in the daily routine of their life. It’s not easy to be a genius, and thus there are very rare persons who are listed in this category as they had proven to this society that they are great and also have rare natural abilities and skills which aren’t easily been seen in any individuals.

Geniuses follow a lot many good habits and are very disciplined about their daily routines & behavior, they follow these habits right from the morning up to bedtime and thus every individual try to have some of the other habits of them. Let us know some of the early morning habits of the geniuses so that they might be beneficial for you if you do follow them as mentioned.

Here are 10-morning habits that geniuses follow each morning for a perfect start for their day.

  1. Freedom From Distraction

Nowadays people have made a habit of being on social media or on TV right from they wake up from bed and thus become distractors from that of the other daily routines. Geniuses are very keen about this and thus aren’t distracted by these distractors as they seem this as a lazy habit to start up their day. When you distract your mind in the morning it becomes hard to build-up momentum and thus also produces negativity.

Geniuses always try to open up their mind by enjoying their breakfast and planning their schedule for the day. They used the morning silence to increase their concentration for the better development of their brain.

  1. Routine Exploration

It is a well-known fact that geniuses aren’t born they are been made by self-estimating their mind from gathering different sorts of knowledge, mastery and must have good excellence in that particular field. Geniuses are very passionate and have a great curiosity about each and everything they are made involved in and thus make them different from that of the other. Geniuses build-up their brain by learning every morning by setting a time limit for them and exploring new things for them on the daily basis.

  1. Purist Priorities

It has been observed that many individuals have a very long do list of dreams that they want to get fulfilled but end-up with very nothing as they do not have the right approach to get over them. Geniuses make a very pure approach towards their goal and thus set priorities for them and then invest all their time in achieving those goals.

Every morning you must note 2-3 things that you want to accomplish today and this thing must be your only objective and thus by doing so you make a clear path for yourself to chase up on your dreams or to achieve your success in life very easily.

  1. Record Your Dreams

It has been observed that many individuals see the dream but do not remember anything about them, but one thing we must acknowledge that we can learn a lot many of thing from our dreams as they teach us about our emotion, let us think more deeply about our past and let us also make new combinations and connections. This proves that dreams have so much value and thus must be remembered as much as possible.

Geniuses make a note of their dreams and thus this habit must also be embedded within us so that we can learn a lot of new things from our dreams which we think are waste of time.

In starting you might face difficulties in remembering your dreams but as soon as you practice this habit you get sharper into it and thus become a good habit to be followed.

  1. Create Your Flow

Create your flow

Flow is a state of mind that stimulates your brain throughout the day. It has been observed that hyper-intelligent people design their daily routine into their mind itself and thus produce a flow or build-up a momentum for the daily based schedule.

Geniuses create their flow right from the morning itself and thus with the help of a stabilized routine they improve their flow day-after-day.

At first, you might struggle in stabilizing the flow but by creating a daily routine and keeping your strengths in mind you definitely get into effortless productivity of flow.

  1. Nourish Your Brain

Nourish your brain

Geniuses use nourishing tea to increase their memory and concentration, according to biological psychology 2018 green tea has a number of neurological benefits. Green tea also reduces mental fatigue, increases performance rate, and speeds up our reaction time. Geniuses take huge benefits out of it by adding tea consumption into their daily routine life and thus by doing so they energized their brain and get ready to perform their different tasks. Exercising and eating healthy food also adds benefits to you and thus makes your mind and body to get prepare for the upcoming challenges.

  1. Write About Yourself

Journalism is said to be a well-studied habit that helps in recording your thoughts and ideas that are surrounded into your brain and thus individuals get many benefits out of it. Geniuses do follow it as they try to make a collection of ideas, feelings, and perspectives, and thus by doing so they try to learn and get more acknowledge about the inner them. Maintaining thoughts about ourselves is a good habit and thus must be followed by each one of us on the daily basis.

  1. Elite Mastery

Geniuses don’t get satisfied by been ok; they just want to be amazing and thus spent a lot of time on it to achieve what they want. It has been observed that it take about 10 years to get acknowledgment in any skill or subject and after contributing a lot of years into also you won’t know everything about that particular topic. Geniuses are very keen on their mastery and thus they put-up every morning into it without been disturbed by any sort of distractors. To be the best in mastery, you need to create a daily routine of over it and thus one day you can prove yourself to be the best over others.

  1. Day Stacking

Day stacking is the bunch of small things done frequently over the big things or doesn’t try to get over any messes in one sitting, do it step-by-step to save the amount of time and thus is the better way to manage over your messes.

Geniuses too have messes made over them by some or the other mean, they use the technique ‘Daily Three’ which tell that to rearrange any three items on a daily basis so that you can get over your messes very soon without wasting a whole lot of day in this sort of activity.

  1. The One Percent Rule

There are many individuals who like to learn every new thing or any subject in a day and thus invest a whole lot of day investing in it, but in the end, they just get bored up of that and thus lose interest in taking that topic again. Geniuses don’t make such sort of mistakes, they follow ‘The One Percent Rule’ which says to earn knowledge on daily basis by one percent from that of the previous so that you can learn new things very easily and can last long into your memory for sure. This sort of rule might take time but if you follow-up this rule will definitely help to gain knowledge as a whole.

 You must always think like a genius to define your priorities so that you keep things simpler and interesting. None of us are born genius it’s our own capability and thinking that makes our way towards being a genius person. Geniuses have very good habits and if we do follow them then our life will be more pronounced as of seen before.