10 Google Chrome Extensions That Simplify Your Life

Most Google Chrome extensions can be installed on your chrome browser to change the functioning of the browser. They are referred to as an extension because they are used to transform and alter the normal functioning of the browser and modify it according to the specific purpose the extension is supposed to serve. Google chrome extension enables your browser to be more efficient and makes your browsing easier. It also greatly improves your browsing experience. Listed below are must-have chrome extension examples that are a great pick for you. You might even say they are must-have extensions.

10 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions


An extension manager allows you to enable and disable the extensions you need easily. Having multiple extensions on your device may slow down the performance of your browser. You wouldn’t want to install too many extensions, especially when you do not use them. The Extensity browser saves you from using much of your memory because it has an option where you can disable other extensions at your own convenient time.

LastPass: Free Password Manager

This extension allows you to use a new unique password while visiting sites. You do not have to keep track and remember them. Many sites have experienced data breaches in the recent past, so using different unique passwords for every site is quite important. The extension makes this task easier for you.


VPN extension is an extension made to improve your security when you are browsing online. For the safety of your data, you need a VPN for Chrome, that is specially designed to secure the Chrome browser. On the other hand, a VPN is software that masks your location and encrypts your data. If you have never used a VPN, you definitely need to set it up; because you will find multiple Chrome extension VPN available: some may have monthly premium payments, but most are free. You will be required to choose one that adheres to your specifications and download it. Shortlist the best VPN apps and then go through their features and advantages. Select the best and install the Chrome extension. Doing this will help you get the best way how to add extension on chrome.

The Great Suspender

It is a lightweight chrome extension to reduce the memory footprint for users who like to have too many tabs open simultaneously. It automatically unburdens each tab and maintains it so you can click it and return to it when needed.

Chrome New Window Focus

It is an extension that has tried to fix a bug within chrome for several years. This issue occurs when you open Chrome; it sometimes is lag behind and doesn’t get focused. These extension forces focus on any new window created.

Adblock Plus

It is an ad blocker that gives its support to websites by creating a default that will allow unobtrusive ads.

Lazarus: Form Recovery

It isn’t very pleasant when you are filling out something on a website and accidentally close the window. Lazarus is an extension that allows you to recover the form on the website.

HTTPS Everywhere

It is an extension of the Tor Project and EFF. The extension switches sites from insecure “HTTP” to the more secure “HTTPS.” It protects your crucial accounts from hijacking, surveillance, and other forms of censorship.

CryptUp: Encrypt Gmail With PGP

It makes sending a PGP encrypted e-mail via Gmail easy for you. In case you have issues with the possibility of people eavesdropping on your communications and are not in the mood for the complexities of setting up PGP, this extension will serve you well.


Grammarly is an extension for writers who want to check plagiarism quickly and optimize their content. It is a grammar and spelling checker with a simple and clean interface. Users can customize their spellchecking settings to fit their specifications and check plagiarism using a simple click. It offers premium levels; the higher your premium, the more additional tools and settings you can access while spellchecking your work. It offers features like punctuation, fluency checking, spell and grammar checking. It makes it more enjoyable and easier for users to operate. It can greatly help writers of all ages from different parts of the world who wish to ensure they are clear and fluent in their writing to produce the best achievable results.

What Is The Most Popular Browser Extension?

Google Chrome Remote Desktop:

By use of a more secure access code, this extension allows you to access your computer through chrome remotely. You can even set the duration you want to be able to access your computer. It is also compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows systems.

Too Many Tabs For Chrome:

 As you continually browse, you may have too many open tabs. This extension is for you since it allows you to keep your tabs and let them be as many as possible. It allows you to browse through all the tabs you have open, restore closed ones, search through them and sort them through your various ways at your pleasure.