10 Best Colleges for Esports

There are many colleges that offer esports scholarships, but which are the best? We’ve compiled a list of 10 schools that have some of the most competitive esports programs in America. Read on to find out more!

Looking for a list of colleges that offer esports scholarships? Below, you’ll find some great schools that have programs designed to help you reach your full potential as an esports athlete. These are the best college esports scholarship programs in America!

1) The University of California Irvine

One of the first colleges to start an official varsity team for their esports program. They’ve established a dedicated arena for gamers to compete and practice, including 50 high-end gaming computers!

2) Washington State University

is well known for its strong science program and now they’re adding another level to their esports program. The school has recently announced that they’re going to be starting an official varsity team, and are offering partial-ride scholarships for gamers who want to join them!

3)University of Utah

Another school that offers esports scholarships in the form of a part-time job. After attending some tryouts, players can earn scholarship money by working at the University’s game development studios and arenas.

4)Ohio State

doesn’t just have an official varsity esports team; they also offer esports scholarships. The school offers other opportunities like internships and networking events, as well as scholarship money for gamers who want to be involved with the school’s competitive teams.

5) University of California San Diego

Esports Scholarships at the University of California San Diego is another one of the best college esports scholarship programs in America! Students can join their official varsity team that competes in the Tespa league.

6)Florida State University

Gaming and eSports Club provides students with an opportunity to compete at a collegiate level, or just play casually for fun. They’ve recently announced their intentions to join the National Association of Collegiate eSports (NACE), which is a good sign for FSU’s esports scholarship program.

7) Bueno Vista University

This school has a very unique setup for its esports scholarship program. The university’s computer science department is teaming up with the athletic department to allow gamers on their official varsity teams to apply for scholarships just like any other athletes would! This program was one of the first in America and it’s still going strong today.

8)University of Louisville

University of Louisville’s esports scholarship program is another one of the best college esports scholarship programs in America! The school has a dedicated arena for students to play or relax, and they also have official varsity teams that compete against some of top schools around.

9) Eastern University

Esports Scholarships at Eastern University is a very unique program in that they offer three different levels of scholarship money and support for gamers. The school is very supportive when it comes to promoting their students, so the more you work with them on your esports career, the more assistance you’ll receive!

Last but not least…

10) Mount St Marys University

Mount St Marys is a smaller school, but they’ve got some of the best esports scholarship programs in the country. The gaming atmosphere here is very inclusive and their esports program offers a lot of support for students who are interested in playing games competitively.

Final Notes:

If you’re looking to get into college with an esports scholarship, any of these schools will be great choices! If your favorite school isn’t on this list though, don’t worry – all hope is not lost! Schools that don’t offer official varsity teams have created clubs and groups where gamers can come together to just play games casually or compete against other schools. There are a lot of great colleges out there that support esports, so the only thing you need to do is find them!

Competitive gamers who want to earn scholarships while playing esports have a lot of choices these days. There are many great colleges offering partial-ride scholarship programs, and this list just scratches the surface! We hope you find a school that’s right for you if you’re interested in becoming an esports athlete.